Step 1: Assemble your on the go essentials

This step is super easy and eliminates most of the daily disposable things we thoughtlessly use and throw away each day because we don’t have another option at the time - like a lidded coffee cup, wrapped plastic spoons or a take-out box when you can’t finish that big Thai curry.  

Your on-the-go essentials are a few itemsthat you keep in your purse or a separate tote bag which allows you to be spontaneous on-the-go, without worrying about using disposables. When starting my zero waste journey I just kept a small cotton tote by the door, equipped with a few essentials including a water bottle, are usable bag for any shopping, and a stainless-steel container for storing any food I buy or have leftover. If you use a bigger purse or bag, just tuck these inside. Just like my wallet or phone, these things are something I always grab when I leave the house. For bigger days out, I carry along a few more items based on where I’m going and what I plan to do. See the full list below.

When I don’t have my essentials with me, I tend to skip the impromptu food shopping and take out, which has definitely saved me a lot of money. When I do occasionally wind up with unwanted packaging or containers, I bring them home with me to reuse or recycle. 

What you’ll need:

  • Reusable water bottle- never be thirsty again
  • Reusable utensil set with cloth napkin- avoid unnecessary disposables, and the napkin is also useful for drying hands 
  • A container- for eating from when the only other option is plastic, or for taking home leftovers. I use a stainless steel container, but a mason jar or plastic Tupperware work too if that’s what you already own
  • Shopping tote bag- so you can avoid taking the plastic shopping bag at all costs! 
  • Reusable coffee cup- if you’re a coffee on-the-go type of person

Step 1: Assemble your on the go essentials

Step 2: The Kitchen Swap

Step 3: A Cleaner Way to Clean

Step 4: Rethink Food Shopping

Step 5: Start to Compost

Step 6: Beyond the Method: Principles for Future Purchases

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