Meet Erica

When my eldest daughter was five, she came home from school and told me what she learned that day: “Plastic is too strong for the planet. It will fill up the oceans and never go away.”

I spent much of my career as a sustainability consultant, living around the world in Chicago, London, Paris and now Amsterdam. I loved the work: pressing global companies toward a better way of doing business. But that day, I glanced at my own household trash and thought: am I really doing everything I can to show my kids how to take action? I was not.

At first, the idea of zero waste was daunting. It sounded extreme and unattainable. A mason jar of trash in a year—with three kids? Nearly impossible. I spent countless hours pouring over ad-hoc tips and DIY recipes, scoping out local stores to buy low waste products, and creating a method for waste reduction in my house.

Zeroish Living is the guide I wish I had when I got started. It includes:

  • A simple method to tackling unnecessary waste starting with the easiest swaps first and moving toward harder stuff as you build momentum and gain confidence.
  • A local zero waste shopping guide, starting in Amsterdam because finding great local spots to get what you need is time consuming.
  • Simple tips and swaps easy ways to radically reduce everyday waste for the kitchen, bathroom and more.
  • Zero waste is not about being perfect; it’s about making small and simple changes that when done consistently, add up. I’ve found once my family got into a new routine, zero waste has become a creative and a fun way to show my kids how small actions can make a big difference.

    To quote my daughter, “plastic is strong,” but together, we are stronger.

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