Little Plant Pantry

A fantastic addition to the Amsterdam zero-waste scene, Little Plant Pantry is a plant-based zero-waste wholefoods store on the charming and family-friendly Bosboom Toussaintstraat. With a focus on ethical consumerism and sustainability, owners Maria and Winter offer healthy, natural plant-based products and try to minimize waste by completely avoiding plastic, selling in bulk and finding compostable alternatives to traditional packaging. Sit down for a delicious coffee (with fresh homemade almond milk) and Winter will happily tell you all about it! Find here a wide range of cupboard staples including grains and legumes, loose leaf teas, dried fruits and seeds as well as oils, vinegars, and even Canadian maple syrup. They also sell a great range of zero-waste containers like mason jars and cotton bags, and their own-label brand of beauty and hygiene products – Winter Romanov. This is the place to go to get started on your zero-waste journey… and we’re sure you’ll be a regular in no time.

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