Easy Swaps to Reduce Waste When You’re On The Go

Bye-bye plastic forks and plastic-lidded coffee. Get prepared with a few essentials and avoid plastic when you’re on the go.

I love eating lunch out, whether it’s at my favorite take out sushi spot or some street food at the farmers market. To avoid the plastic forks, containers and cups that sometimes come along with eating on the go, I always bring along a few reusables items. I can stay spontaneous and avoidthe disposables we sometimes usebecause of no otheroptionsat the time.

I just keep a “zero waste tote” by the door and grab it on my way out. Just like my wallet or phone, grabbing my toteis now second nature. Depending on where I’m headed, I may switch up what’s included in the bag.

What you’ll need:

  1. Reusable water bottle– never be thirsty again
  2. Reusable utensil set with cloth napkin– avoid unnecessary disposables, and the napkin is also useful for drying hands
  3. A container– for eating from when the only other option is plastic, or for taking home leftovers. Stainless steel containers, plastic Tupperware or even a mason jar work
  4. Shopping tote bag– so you can avoid taking the plastic shopping bag
  5. Reusable coffee cup– if you’re a coffee on-the-go type of person

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