De Meesterslijpers

Kitchen & Gear

Update your kitchen for zero waste living at this kitchen emporium chock-full of any and every kitchen item you could ever dream of. The friendly staff will guide you to the best items for cutting waste – which they are stocking more and more of now – like Bee’s Wrap, Foodhuggers, reusable snack bags, Stasher silicon storage bags, Bionootje bags for making your own nut milks, wooden cutlery, cotton tea towels, cardboard and stainless steel straws, bamboo everything… the list goes on and on! Make your own carbonated drinks with a SodaStream, or make smoothies out of your over-ripe fruits and vegetables with a Nutribullet. De Meesterslijpers makes you see how easy it can be to cut down on unnecessary waste.

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